Library Design Awards

The SCONUL Library Design Awards showcases and celebrates the very best in recent academic library design in the UK and Ireland and have been running since 1973. The aim is to encourage good practice in library design and to celebrate outstanding examples of cutting-edge architecture, technology and service. Awards are given on the basis of the functional design of buildings and their transformational nature, rather than purely architectural merit. 

The next round of awards will take place in 2025 and we have taken a decision to change the award categorisation:

  • We are retaining a category focused primarily on space: excellence and innovation in library space planning and design. This category will include repurposed, refurbished, rebuilt and new build spaces, with a continued emphasis on creativity and impact on users, rather than purely architectural merit. This category is open to larger or smaller projects with an emphasis on what has been delivered for library users.
  • We are also introducing a new category: excellent and innovation in library service planning and design with a similar focus on creativity and impact for users, rather than on back-office functions, efficiencies or other functions. 

Useful resources from the awards including presentations and past brochures can be found in our Knowledge hub under Space and design

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